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Exploit in Dark Souls 3 allows hackers take over your PC completely

A remote code execution (RCE) exploit could have allowed hackers to take control of your computer through an exploit in Dark Souls 3. This exploit could affect players on the PC connected to the internet during gameplay.

The game becomes a Trojan Horse virus that makes the computer vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

However, the vulnerability may affect other games including the previous Dark Souls games and the upcoming Elden Ring. To protect players, the game publisher, FromSoftware, shut down Dark Souls servers.

The exploit has been observed in real-time in a popular Twitch player’s stream of Dark Souls 3 online. The streamer, The_Grim_Sleeper’s game crashed and a voice from Microsoft’s text-to-speech engine began commenting on the game. Microsoft Powershell opened on the computer without the player’s intervention, proving that somebody else had used a script to turn on text-to-speech.

The attack on The_Grim_Sleeper was not malicious. The ‘attacker’ explained on Discord that they were creating awareness by hacking streamers after FromSoftware ignored reports about the issue repeatedly.

In the hands of a malicious hacker, this vulnerability could be disastrous as RCE is among the most dangerous exploits. It allows attackers to do virtually anything on the victim’s computer, like causing irreparable damage and stealing information.

Apart from refraining from playing the online game until FromSoftware fixes the issues, players are encouraged to install the game’s Blue Sentinel mod, which has received a patch that protects against the vulnerability.

However, it appears this vulnerability is not so widespread, as reported by some Reddit users, although due to the severity, it is unwise to risk being attacked.

Elden Ring is an upcoming title but some people have commented it could be affected too.

“According to the people in discord this should be possible in Elden Ring too,” one user wrote. “Either From [the developers] fixes this or Elden Ring is doomed from the start.”

Another user said concerning the new game, “They [From Software] don’t change their networking very much between releases, so yeah. They’ll have a very rude awakening, probably on day one [of Elden Ring] or close to it. They weren’t actually aware specifically of the RCE [remote code execution] and what it meant until an hour ago. I talked with them.”

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is one of the biggest and most-anticipated games for 2022, explaining why players are anxious about the vulnerability.

However, FromSoftware is already working on a solution. The PvP servers the company shut down would enable it to investigate the problem with the online service. There is no info on when the servers will come back online or a solution is available.

Since this vulnerability only affects PCs, players on PlayStation and Xbox can continue playing the online versions of the games.

Written by HackerVibes

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