Cyber Security: An overview

We live in a digital era where Technologies like IoT and AI have reached astonishing heights and are transforming the functioning of businesses. Thus, to keep cybercrimes at bay and prevent possible information security attacks, organizations need to stay updated about the challenges in Cyber security. 

How do you protect an Online World? 

Data has now become the backbone of businesses irrespective of their sectors. Be it a government agency, Healthcare industry, IT consultancy firm, etc., each of them collects massive amounts of data from their websites, applications, and other sources. Thus, it is crucial to protect the privacy and confidentiality of this Data. 

That’s where Cyber Security comes into play! 

Cyber Security helps in defending the devices connected via the internet from various Data threats. Organizations often transfer sensitive data across networks that need to be protected all along the way.

In such a scenario, where Data is of cardinal importance, what challenges does Cyber Security has to overcome?

An organization should plan a good Cyber Security strategy to ensure that no data breach takes place. The following points should be thought upon while defining robust Cyber Security.

  1. Network Security

The network through which data transfers take place should be protected from unwanted users and cyber-attacks. Thus, enforcement of proper security measures is a must to verify the user before authenticating access. 

  1. Application protection

In the case of Apps, we need to test those regularly to find loopholes and update consistently to secure them.

  1. Endpoint protection

Many times an organization would have to give remote access to its users. Thus, this can prove to be the weakest point for security. It is necessary to take all measures to secure the endpoints so that the Data integrity and confidentiality stay intact.

  1. Data Safety

An extra layer of security is necessary to ensure user data privacy.

  1. Database and Cloud Security

Protecting your database is of great importance as it is the prime source of all data transfers. Similarly, organizations should also secure the data stored on the cloud.

Here are some of the most popular Cyber Security threats that you might come across:

  1. Malware: It is software or file installed on a device that can spy and harm the user’s privacy.
  1. Ransomware: A software or file that locks data on the device and asks for payment to release it. 
  1. Phishing attacks: These attacks happen through email or text messages which are imitations of reputable organizations. The purpose of these attacks is to steal credit card information or any other sensitive data. 
  1. Disturbed Denial of Service (DDoS): In this attack, a huge amount of traffic is directed towards the server or network to hamper its speed and crash it. 

Organizations should also have a disaster recovery plan in place in case any damage or theft takes place. To enforce security in the age of the internet and protect the users who share data online, Cyber Security is vital.

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