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The cute two-seater Microlino EV is about to enter production

If you ever desired an adorable mini car that doesn’t pollute the environment, the Microlino EV is about to go into production in Europe.

The Microlino EV, a cute two-seater powered by a battery instead of an internal combustion engine, is finally ready for production. Officially, the car is named Microlino 2.0, and the company behind it will start manufacturing in March.

Micro Mobility Systems revealed the car at the Munich IAA Mobility show last year to a warm reception. However, delays and disruptions caused by the lingering pandemic pushed it into this year.

Production is slated for Turin in Italy, and sales will start in Switzerland around April and May, before a broader rollout in the rest of Europe. The design and engineering team is Swiss.

The Microlino 2.0 is equipped with a 25 hp electric motor, but buyers can select between three battery capacities, 6.0 kWh, 10.5 kWh, and 14.0 kWh. These translate to 60 miles, 109 miles, and 143 miles driving ranges, respectively. These range estimates have not been officially confirmed yet, but with the car’s diminutive size, it is not hard to imagine they can go such distances before you need to charge the battery.

The company has been making pre-production models for testing and process optimization, even though it had to deal with component shortages, most likely the global chip problem. With more than 24,000 units pre-ordered, Micro Mobility Systems has quite a busy year ahead for it.

“Our goal was to deliver the first vehicles to customers within the end of the year [2021], but the worldwide supply-chain chaos is affecting us like many other carmakers,” the company said. “Despite our preparations to order crucial parts way in advance, the situation has gotten much worse and is now affecting more and more parts. Now, even commodity parts like simple connectors for the wiring harness have become scarce and have lead times of up to 50 weeks!”

The Microlino 2.0 has a top speed of 56 mph, meaning it won’t qualify to get on the highways in Europe. In fact, the car is classified as a quadricycle instead of a car in the continent. But that will not stop it from replacing other electric cars with close ranges or electric scooters.

The starting price of $14,000 makes it more attractive than the likes of the Mini Cooper SE and Mazda MX-30, which are way more expensive but do not offer much more range.

In addition, the small size makes it more ideal for use in cities where parking could be a headache, compared to the larger-sized Volkswagen ID.3, for example.

As the production draws near, buyers will soon be able to configure their orders online. “The long-anticipated online configurator is almost ready and will be launched in February, with the first test drive events following soon afterwards. Apart from the three editions Urban, Dolce, and Competizione that we already unveiled, we will introduce the exclusive limited-edition for the first 500 Microlinos ever produced, called Pioneer Series.”

American buyers will be disappointed to learn that the company doesn’t have any plan to bring the Microlino 2.0 stateside. That is not an unreasonable move (or lack of a move) because small electric cars have not caught on in a country when large pickup trucks and SUVs are among the bestselling models.

Also, the company has to deal with capacity constraints at its production facility before thinking of any expansion. So it could be some time before you see this cute electric car in other markets.

Written by HackerVibes

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