Citroen has made its e-Berlingo Van available for order

Citroen, a popular name in minivans in Europe, has made its e-Berlingo Van available for order. Coming from a company that has sold nearly two million vans, this electric van promises value for money.

Citroen is targeting professionals that run small to medium-sized fleets. They include tradespeople or construction companies. The electric van will also suit firms in the delivery sector. All these people drive about 70 km daily on average, but with the occasional longer trips.

The target market also typically can survive on charging in the evening after work.

Citroen is using ads to tout the lower cost of ownership of the e-Berlingo Van to appeal to its potential buyers. Since it is an electric vehicle, refueling by charging is five times cheaper than buying fuel for its ICE counterpart. This lower cost is because electricity is more affordable than hydrocarbon fuel.

Users of the e-Berlingo Van will also spend less on maintenance as electric vehicles generally require less maintenance. This is due to the presence of fewer moving parts that can wear out or break down. It doesn’t even need an oil change! Similarly, the brake pads undergo less stress because of the implementation of regenerative braking.

In all, the e-Berlingo Van will cost 30 percent less to maintain compared to the ICE version.

Depending on the country, incentives will make the cost of purchase and maintenance go lower. For example, French buyers or renters will enjoy a €5,000 incentive. There are incentives for installing EV chargers, too. In addition, EV drivers are entitled to free or discounted parking in some cities.

Except for the parts peculiar to electric vehicles, the e-Berlingo Van has feature parity with the ICE version, saving for the adaptive regulator and additional heating.

All the e-Berlingo Van versions have a 50 kW battery that promises up to 275 km on a single charge. They come with a 7 kW internal charger, manual AC, and 16 inches wheels.

There is ample space inside, despite the battery pack placed on the floor. All versions have an 800 kg payload and can tow up to 750 kg.

Buyers can choose from five variants of the e-Berlingo Van, described below:

The Control version

This version comes with a raft of features, including manual air conditioning, automatic headlights, hill start assist, remote central locking with Plip system, 5″ monochrome touch screen, Bluetooth hands-free kit, 12V socket, and a USB port. There are ë-Berlingo Van Control features a 60/40 rear swing door, a sliding right-side door, and a partition.

For space, there is an overhead compartment that is easy to reach, in addition to the passenger compartment. The glove box is spacious enough to store a laptop, but you can store more in the space under the passenger seat.

To suit drivers of different heights, the steering wheel is adjustable. You will be able to check traffic behind you in the heated rear-view mirrors.

The Control version is powered by a 136 kW electric motor, and the price starts from €30,500.

The Club version

This variant is more suitable for tradespeople and delivery outfits. It has everything from the Control version and additional features like rear parking sensors, cruise control, etc. The floor is covered with a plastic coating. Prices start from €32,300.

The Driver version

This version is meant for longer trips that might take more than a day or for multiple deliveries. Hence, there is an emphasis on comfort. For example, a laminated screen keeps out outside noise, a more comfortable driver seat and steering wheel, automatic front wipers, and folding side mirrors.

Surround Rear Vision will let you view your surroundings on the center console when hooked to two external cameras. The van can also detect when the tires are under-inflated.

The Driver version starts at €32,550.

The Crew Cab version

This fourth version is derived from the Control version, with extra features thrown in like glazed rear doors with a windscreen wiper. It is optimized to take longer loads with a folding backseat. This version also has a child-safety lock. Some features of the Driver version are present, like the comfortable driver seat, tire under-inflation detection. There is a carpet too on the floor, but the load area has a wooden floor.

Written by HackerVibes

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