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The best movies on Netflix

Got a free weekend coming up and need to fill it with great content from Netflix?

Video streaming is the new normal as people flock to online platforms to consume their favorite on-screen entertainment. And with Covid forcing many of us to look for less crowded and public ways to get entertained, many are shunning cinemas and turning to their screens for entertainment.

Netflix has emerged as the undisputed leader in the streaming wars, with lots of shows and original content. However, the streaming platform remains a trove of older movies that have entertained us in the past.

If you wish to experience the simple pleasure of re-watching a favorite movie, or you are seeing it for the first time, we have gathered some of the best movies available on Netflix!

Marriage Story

This movie from 2019 is about divorce, which many people do not wish for in their lifetime. However, the film featuring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver is worth watching, with the two playing a couple that had so much legal and emotional challenge decoupling. Top-notch performances from the two actors help the movie, but there are both funny and painful moments before the curtains fall.

Happy as Lazzaro

This Italian production is set in the ’70s on a tobacco farm where the main character Lazarro works. He is happy with his humble life until a nobleman persuades him to assist in faking his kidnapping. This story by Alice Rohrwacher (also the director) centers on friendship and innocence. But you will get a taste of what life was really like in that bygone era.

Vampires vs. the Bronx

Vampire fans, this one is for you, although there is lots of comedy thrown in for your macabre pleasure. Like the title suggests, this film is set in the Bronx area of New York and tells the story of Miguel Martinez trying to raise money to save the local bodega from selling. Since vampires are involved, a twist to the story is that some creepy creatures are consuming people and their properties. It has been some time since we saw a spin like this on the tested and trusted vampire formula.

Gerald’s Game

We are still in the horrors territory with this movie from 2017, which is adapted from the novel Gerald’s Game by Stephen King. Follow Jessie as she holidays with her husband in an isolated house on a lake in Alabama. Things quickly go from bad to worse, with Jessie ending up tied to the bed without anybody to rescue her. But the ending may not be as grim as some people want. However, the highs and lows of the movie make it worthwhile.


If comedy is your thing, you will like the Paddleton produced in 2019. Michael and Andy are two tennis-playing pals that get the saddening news of Michael having terminal stomach cancer. The pair then embark on a road trip to find a death pill so that the sick one can end things before his condition gets too severe and painful. The sad premise notwithstanding, the friendship between Michael and Andy will get you cackling in places.

Dolemite Is My Name

When a movie stars Eddie Murphy, you know what to expect. The popular actor had been on a break from making us laugh, but this return was worth the wait. The story is about the rise of a comedian in the ’70s from his day job at a record store to the limelight. There are many turns in this movie, but each one will have you in stitches as Murphy gave one of his finest performances.

I am thinking of ending things

This is a thriller from 2020 and plunges you into the surreal with the main character breaking up her seven-week relationship with her boyfriend. Throw in a pair of odd parents, and there is enough to keep you glued to the end of the movie as you follow the main character’s frustrations.


This second thriller on the list is set in the Scottish Highlands and features several protagonists trying to escape from their worst nightmare. Vaughn and Marcus decide to have a hunting weekend but get drunk, after which they find themselves staring at more than what they bargained for. Calibre is full of grim drama if that is your thing.

Written by HackerVibes

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