Looking for a new keyboard this Black Friday? Check our list of the top options!

For many modern professionals, a keyboard is an invaluable work tool. Writers, programmers, and even gamers rely on their keyboards to interact with their computers and turn out masterpieces. And with more people working remotely due to the pandemic, keyboards have never been more essential.

Many people stick with a keyboard, but with Black Friday around the corner where many manufacturers and retails give discounts, it is an excellent time to see how you can benefit from a change of keyboards.

In this article, we round up the best keyboards for 2021 and hope you can get a good deal on any of them!

Logitech MX Keys Mini

Logitech has the MX Keys Mini to sell to you if you want to pair your device with a compact keyboard. It is basically a pared-down version of the MX Keys and connects with Bluetooth, making it perfect for use where space is a premium. Due to the mini dimensions, you can keep your mouse closer to the keyboard, something your shoulder will thank you for because you do not have to reach out as often.

In some countries, the MX Keys Mini has shortcuts to dictation on both Windows and Mac. You can even use these to mute and unmute during video conferences.

Check out any deal on the Logitech MX Keys Mini this Black Friday.


Razer Pro Type

This entry from Razer is a full keyboard with all the keys you can think of. You will love the lack of annoying clicky sounds on this keyboard. The silence, however, does not mean you won’t feel or hear when you tap a key because you will hear a muted clack sound.

The biggest advantage of the Pro Type Mechanical is that it requires less force to register a press, plus the keys have a coating on them that makes them less brutal to the touch. For ease of typing when it is dark, this keyboard has white LED-backlit light. However, the secondary keys are not backlit.

The Pro Type connects only through Bluetooth and has a battery life of 84 hours but drops to 12 hours with the backlight on.


Keychron K3

This keyboard is another compact keyboard that connects with Bluetooth, in addition to through a USB-C-to-USB-A cable. Despite its slim appearance, it has mechanical keys, although there are no number keys. The K3 is sturdy with its aluminum material.

This keyboard has an RGB backlight for late-night working sessions, making it more customizable than some keyboards with only LED backlight.

You can switch from the Mac settings, which is the default, to Windows. The battery life is ok, but it will run down faster when you use the backlight.

Look for a good deal for the k3 during Black Friday.


iClever BK10

With the iClever BK10 keyboard, you can connect to three devices at the same time and switch between the connections quickly.

The iClever BK10 has everything a keyboard could have, meaning you lose no functionality by switching from your regular keyboard. It has a stainless steel top with a matte finish, but you can get other finish options too.

This keyboard is in a class of its own concerning battery life as it lasts up to three months on a single charge. Also, it works with macOS, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, and Android devices.

The manufacturer managed to fit in more, as it contains a number pad despite being the same size as Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

Topping the list of pros for this keyboard is the budget-friendly price, which you might even get for less during this Black Friday.


Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

It used to be that ergonomic keyboards were expensive, but not this ergonomic keyboard from Microsoft. The software giant, which also makes hardware, offers this full-size keyboard to make your job easier on your hands.

This ergonomic keyboard goes beyond others as it comes with a shortcut button for symbols and emojis. However, more peculiar to Windows, you will get quick-launch buttons for screen snipping, TaskView, and calculator.

Microsoft’s Ergonomic keyboard does not take long to master despite the unusual shape, and you will be typing efficiently in no time.

Watch out for any deal on this keyboard during Black Friday.


Written by HackerVibes

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