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Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is a multi trillion dollar industry around the globe. AI is already driving major advances in the healthcare industry. Both patients and healthcare professionals will be benefitted by this combination of technological and human expertise. AI has helped in linking different domains like life sciences, technology and software to combine their powers. It will lead to a healthier population with better quality of life and life expectancy. Becoming a medical professional is time taking  and not an easy job. Using AI, healthcare professionals can share their knowledge to provide better services for the masses.

One thing we humans need to reduce is human errors. Medical professionals take utmost care while performing surgeries and other operations. But there’s always a slight chance of error and these slight chances can be disastrous. AI with the help of robotics is helping in creating smart surgical robots which can perform operations and delicate surgeries and can assist medical professionals. 

COVID presented a great challenge in front of the whole world. In these hard times, AI provided a helping hand not only to doctors but also to other helping staff. It helped in relieving some burden from the shoulders of medical professionals. AI powered social distancing maintenance softwares were employed to help maintain safe distance between their employees and reduce the chance of infection. This proved how flexible AI technologies are. Not only that, AI technologies also helped in detecting COVID. The virus affected lungs which resulted in breathlessness. Using chest X-rays, AI models were trained which could detect presence of COVID infection in lungs. These algorithms also helped in formulation of effective COVID vaccines by studying the behaviour of viruses. Eventually it helped in saving many precious lives.

AI is one of the best achievements, which is improving our lives silently everyday. Wearable technology is getting very popular, gadgets like fitness bands & smart watches. They come with many sensors like heart rate sensors, SpO2 monitors, ECG, skin temperature sensor etc. The data collected from these devices is very useful. Based upon this, AI algorithms can predict chances of developing disease overtime. Users can be warned about these well in advance and can help in improving their health. They not only help in preventing disease but they are very useful in case of any emergency. AI softwares in these devices can detect any abnormal activity of the person and can warn the user. Emergencies are unpredictable, these smart devices have helped in saving lives of their users  by quickly responding to the emergency. Numerous cases are reported where these devices automatically respond to the emergencies by calling an ambulance even when the user was unconscious. They also provided precious health records at the time of emergency to doctors which helped them in providing timely treatment. These gadgets also informed their family members about these emergencies.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be born in a developed country with sufficient healthcare facilities. A large population lives in developing and underdeveloped countries. They even lack basic healthcare services. AI can provide access to better healthcare facilities at an affordable rate to these underprivileged people. 

AI is a promising technology which is helping us in making our lives healthier every moment. There are lots of problems in healthcare which can be solved by AI. The AI revolution has just started, it will go a long way in future. 

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