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Apple’s iOS 15.2 update is now available: Explore New additions, download instructions, and much more

The iOS 15.2 update was released on December 13th, 2021. A confidentiality report, a new Apple Music tier, as well as other enhancements are among the additional features. iOS 15.2 updates your iPhone with new Apple Music and privacy improvements.

Apple launched iOS 15.2 on Monday, introducing a slew of improvements and new features. It’s the first big upgrade to Apple’s iPhone firmware since iOS 15.1 in October when the iPhone gained capabilities such as FaceTime Share Play and Pro Res compatibility.

The most recent update adds new capabilities to the iPhone 13, such as Macro Control, as well as a new Apple Music tier for users of the iPhone. These are the known facts as of now.

When will iOS 15.2 be available?

As of Monday, December 13, Apple published the iOS 15.2 update.

How do I get iOS 15.2?

To get the most recent update, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update choose Download and Install. As soon as the download is complete, restart your device to begin the installation, and your phone will restart with the most recent version of iOS.

Report on App Privacy

App Privacy Report is the most significant new addition in iOS 15.2. This report is designed to assist users in controlling who gets access to their data. If you’ve glanced at your weekly Screen Time reports, you’ll notice that the App Privacy Report is correspondingly organized. However, rather than telling you how much time you’ve spent using various apps, the report indicates what data and sensors the different apps can access, network activity for those apps, as well as other privacy-related data.

The wording of the iCloud Private Relay setting was also altered in the most recent beta version. Restrict IP Address Tracking has become an option under Cellular and Wi-Fi settings. Although it is not an operational change, the new phrasing will make what you opt for crystal clear.

Plan for Apple Music Voice

Apple Music Voice Plan, a subscription service tier for Apple Music, was a surprising inclusion to iOS 15.2. The Voice Plan tier reduces the membership fee halfway, to $5 which is approximately (£5, AU$6) a month, nevertheless, it can only be activated by speaking to Siri as opposed to using the Apple Music app. There will be no spatial audio or lyrics capabilities, but you will get access to the whole Apple Music collection.

A new tool called Play it Again allows you to see your recently played content played, which prevents you from Googling the hook of a song you just listened to if you don’t know the song title.

Search for playlists on Apple Music

For those that have Apple Music, iOS 15.2 now allows you to search for a song inside a playlist. It’s difficult to find initially because you have to enter a playlist and scroll down to show the search bar atop your playlist image.

Communication security configuration

Apple finally published the contentious Messages option as part of iOS 15.2 after postponing it for several months. This Messages feature allows parents to activate warnings for their children when they obtain or transmit nudity-containing photographs. If youngsters encounter these photographs, the warnings also provide them with resources. While the feature’s goal has gained widespread praise, privacy experts believe Apple’s methods outweigh the advantages.

Photos with Macro Control

Owners of the iPhone 13 Pro or Max may now shoot close-up snaps and videos in 15.2 using the ultra-wide lens on these handsets. To enable this, go to Settings, select Camera, under the Camera menu, there’s an option labeled Macro Control. When you take a picture with it enabled, you should see a flower icon. If close to an object, tap the flower icon to enter Macro mode.

More info in Apple Maps

In approved cities, Apple Maps will now display road elements such as bike lanes, medians, turn lanes, as well as pedestrian crosswalks.

Find My Feature Updates

The newest version of iOS also includes an upgrade to Apple’s Find My feature. According to Mac Rumors, the update lets you utilize the Find My app to search for “Things that May Track Me,” finding nearby items that can provide location information, such as Air Tags. You may then choose whether or not to deactivate the tracking function on any devices discovered.

This upgrade has sparked considerable debate since it pulls the Find My function in two opposing ways. The upgrade seems to be intended to provide consumers more control over privacy by prohibiting unwelcome gadgets from monitoring them. However, it appears to undermine the purpose of Air Tags by potentially allowing thieves to disable tracking of any Air Tags on stolen devices.

History of Parts and Service

The new update now allows you to view your iPhone’s maintenance history by navigating to Settings > General > About > Parts and Service History. The new section will include any Apple service as well as indicate whether the components originated from Apple or an undisclosed vendor. Nonetheless, if your iPhone has not been serviced, the function will not appear.

Additional new iOS 15.2 features

As per Apple’s Digital Legacy program, the second edition of the iOS 15.2 beta provided the option to define Legacy Contacts. Making someone a Legacy Contact grants them permission to your iCloud account as well as personal data in the event of your demise.

Instead of hopping in and out, iCloud Plus customers may activate Apple’s Hide My Email option directly within the Mail app. The whole list of upgrades is available on the Apple developer website.

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