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Got an Apple Watch? Follow our guide to set it up!

If one of the gift boxes you got this holiday period ended up containing an Apple Watch, or you decided on a bit of self-care and got one for yourself, congratulations, you now own one of the best smartwatches humanity has seen! Apart from being trendy, it is easy to use and navigate. It also impacts your life as you can use it as a fitness tracker to improve your health.

You can do so much with this tiny powerhouse residing on your wrist. However, the first thing to do is set it up properly after unboxing. To achieve this, we have put this guide together for your assistance.

The Apple Watch set up

This step is crucial, but fortunately, Apple has made it very easy. You would need an iPhone to do this, which isn’t strange as the watch is marketed as an accessory to the phone.

Simply turn on the watch and place it near an iPhone to get started. The larger device will bring up a prompt for you to set up the watch.

Apple has included a walk-through on the pairing process, signing in with your Apple ID, adding a password to the watch for security, etc. You will also be guided through setting up Siri and copying over compatible apps from the iPhone.

Don’t forget to set up emergency calls which will allow you to connect to local emergency services through the side button. You might also want to enable fall detection if you are a senior citizen. This will send for help in case accidents happen.

Setting up your notifications

One of the best features of the Apple Watch is how you can see all your phone notifications on your wrist, meaning you do not have to bring out your iPhone from your pocket or bag. However, by default, the watch display every notification on your phone.

For a more curated experience, you can decide how you want to get notifications for all Apple apps or even turn them off altogether, using the Watch app on your iPhone. You don’t have the same level of control over third-party apps, but you can turn them off if you want.

Remember we said you could copy over your apps from your iPhone? You can select which app to install on your Apple Watch because, let’s face it, not every app works well on your wrist. For example, what do you need a banking app for on the small screen of the Apple Watch? However, map apps make lots of sense when you are navigating.

Customize your Apple Watch face

Apple allows you to customize the appearance of your Watch like you can do on your phone. You can’t use third-party faces, but Apple offers you more than 30 options, which you can personalize further with colors, etc.

You can also set up how much information you see on your screen, i.e., whether you want a simple display that shows only the time digitally or an info-dense display.

The Watch app lets you do this easily, but if you prefer to do it on your Apple Watch for any reason, you can. Other settings are always-on display, screen brightness, etc. However, you must be aware that these settings affect your battery life.

Set up your Apple Watch fitness tracking

Apple has gradually ramped up the fitness features of the Watch over the iterations of the device. You can use it to monitor your steps and activity level. You can select your daily goals from the suggestions while setting up your Watch, and it will let you know how you are doing every day. You can start with the default options and take it up from there.

If you are into tracking other people’s fitness goals, you can connect to your friends who also have Apple Watches. This could be an extra source of motivation for you and your friends to stay fit.

Written by HackerVibes

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