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Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Series 6-Should You Upgrade

Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 7 last week at its California event. In the same event, the company unveiled iPhone 13 Series and two new iPads. We have covered those two products in separate articles where we have explained all about Apple Watch Series 7. What are the upgrades it packs and how does it differ from last year’s Apple Watch Series 6?

To be very frank the newly announced Apple Watch Series 7 is very identical to its predecessor. There are few changes in the Display, charging speed, and durability. It has got a larger case size, larger Display with narrower bezels, support for a Qwerty Keyboard and faster charging. We will be explaining all these improvements in a bit more detail so you can make a better purchase decision whether you should buy the Watch Series 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Series 6

You might be well aware of the Apple Watch case size: 40mm and 44mm. This case size was first introduced with Series 4 and for the next two years, Series 5 and Series 6 remained the same. Now with Series 7, Apple is increasing the size of the Apple Watch Case. It is now 41mm and 45mm. A bigger case size means an opportunity for a larger Display. The Watch Series 7 has more screen real estate, actually 20% than the Series 6. The borders have been reduced to just 1.7mm, almost 40% smaller than the borders of Series 6.

With Apple Watch Series 5 Apple added an Always On Display to see the important information on the watch series without lifting the wrist or waking up the Display. The always-on Display got better last year in Series 6 and now with Series 7, It is almost 70% brighter when the wrist is down. It simply means users will not have to wake the display each time they want to check time or notifications on their iPhone.

Adding a bigger Display opened a large array of opportunities to take advantage of it. Apple used it to add two new features, first two additional larger font sizes and a new Qwerty Keyboard. Yes, a Qwerty Keyboard on Apple Watch. Not having a keyword on the Apple Watch was a huge pain point for users. Being an Apple Watch Series 6 I always felt the absence of a keyword. Now sending replies to important messages will not be a daunting task. Other applications like Calculator, Stopwatch, and Alarms will also benefit from the larger Display as the buttons will now be much bigger.

Apple has not just increased the Display size but also made it more durable. The Apple Watch Series 7 has a redesigned front crystal that is said to be 50% thicker than the Series 6. Obviously, it will make the Display more crack-resistant. It is also certified for IP6X Dust resistance making it dustproof in rough environments. The Series 7 has the same WR50 water-resistant rating for worry-free swimming. So overall Series 7 has got a better Design and Display. It is more refined in terms of look and also the functionality.

If you have ever owned an Apple Watch you already know it struggles in one department that is battery life. Don’t take me wrong the Apple Watch offers an 18 hours battery life but it is not great when we consider the competition. In normal usage, Apple Watch users have to charge it daily. We all were expecting things to be improved with Series 7 but sadly it didn’t. The Apple Watch Series 7 has the same 18 hours battery life every other Apple Watch offers. Hopefully Apple will fix it with the next model’s fingers crossed.

Although battery life is not improved the charging speed is. The new Series 7 charges 33% faster than the Series 6. A few minutes of charge can give you an eight-hour of sleep tracking. It is possible by changing the charging architecture and also using a Type-C cable. Using a Type-C cable is a welcome move as someone owning other Apple devices can use the same Type-C adapter to charge the Apple Watch.

These are all the major improvements that Apple Watch Series 7 packs. The list is not huge but still, we have got a larger case size, larger Display, keyboard support, and faster charging speed. Other important health features of Apple Watch Series 6 like Blood Oxygen Tracking, ECG Reporting, Heart Rate Monitoring are there on the Series 6. 

The addition of more advanced features like Blood Sugar level tracking would be astonishing but still Series 7 is a great upgrade for someone using an older version of the Apple Watch. Then there are Watch OS 8 improvements like a new mindfulness app, new watch faces on top of the hardware changes. All the Watch OS 8 features will also be available on Series 3 and above models so don’t worry about them.

Even after all these improvements the Series 7 costs the same as Series 6. It starts at $399 for the base 41mm GPS model. Obviously, the prices will shoot up with larger case sizes and Cellular models. There are five colours in the Aluminium case models: midnight, starlight, green, and a new blue and (PRODUCT)RED. For all of you wondering whether the Series 7 will support older Apple Watch bands. Let me tell you the Series 7 has backward compatibility. It means it will support all your favourite Watch bands.

Coming to the availability of the Apple Watch Series 7 will be available later this year. There were strong rumours of the Apple Watch Series getting delayed. There were talks that we might not see the launch of an Apple Watch in September. Anyway, Apple did announce it but still, we will have to wait to get our hands on the Series 7. I am hoping to be available in October. What do you guys think about Series 7? Drop a comment below to let us know.

Written by HackerVibes

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