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Dutch Apple Store ends with hostage escaping and suspect stopped with armored police car

A hostage situation in Apple’s flagship store has ended with the hostage escaping and the suspect in police custody. The hostage-taker asked for millions in crypto, but apparently, he never got it.

The hostage took place in an Apple Store in Amsterdam, Netherlands, as reported by Bloomberg. The  Leidseplein-located store is in a busy area with lots of people going about. Some of them were able to take pictures, videos, or live-stream the scary encounter.

The suspect, a man, kitted himself in camouflage wear and armed with a balaclava. He fired a gun while detaining a single hostage for several hours. The hostage was a customer from outside the country.

From pictures obtained of the scene, the hostage had his hands in handcuffs behind his back while sitting opposite the attacker. Four other individuals were in the store but took refuge inside a closet. However, it seemed the attacker was not aware of their presence in the store. There were more people in the store, but they managed to escape.

The hostage lasted from about 5:30 PM to 10:45 PM with the police close by. However, the stand-off ended when the captive belted out of the store while being pursued by the attacker. The suspect was stopped when the police hit him with an armored BMW X5. The police didn’t approach the suspect lying on the floor until a robot had checked for explosives.

According to the information released by the police, the suspect, a 27-year-old, sent selfies of himself to a media house, showing him in a bomb vest. He requested water, which was delivered to him by a robot. The hostage took advantage of the distraction to bolt for safety.

There has been no information on what prompted the encounter. But the police tried to wear the suspect don with negotiations. He asked for 200 million in crypto, but the denomination has not been verified. He also wanted a safe passage from the store.

The police commander responding to the incident confirmed that the suspect was not outfitted for a robbery, although he is believed to have worked alone.

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