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The iPhone 14 rumored to gain autofocus in the selfie camera

Apple’s upcoming releases generate lots of attention as many people try to know what the electronics giant is up to. A prominent analyst has now predicted the iPhone 14 will come with an autofocus-enabled front camera and a wider aperture.

If you are looking forward to snagging the next iteration of Apple’s smartphone, the iPhone 14, details of the features have started to leak. Apple watcher Ming-Chi Kuo, who has built a proven track record, has predicted that Apple will update the current fixed-focus design of the front camera. Kuo said the phone may now take better selfies thanks to auto-focus, which Apple is adding. Your selfies will now improve whether you are close to or far from the camera.

Kuo also claimed Apple would increase the aperture to f/1.9 compared to the f/2.2 on the iPhone 13. This will allow more light into the lens and even enable some background blurs. This will enhance selfies taken at night and what your contacts see when you use FaceTime portrait mode.

Meanwhile, Kuo and other analysts have already predicted that the iPhone 14 will lose the notch that has come to define Apple’s top-range phones. At least, the Pro will use a hole-punch layout.

This means Apple has found a way to make the upgraded selfie camera fit into the smaller space offered by a punch-hole. But that is not surprising as perennial rival Samsung has auto-focus in its Galaxy 22 front camera, which is also housed in a hole-punch.

Samsung has had this feature for years, but auto-focus on the front cam is not a common thing. For example, while noted for its imaging prowess, the latest Pixel models are still fixed-focus on the front cam. This is the same for OnePlus flagships.

Kuo went further to reveal the upgrade will come to four new iPhone 14 models. This suggests it will not be limited to the Pro versions alone. While surprising, as it is only natural that Apple will use it to differentiate the more expensive model, it is good news for the buyers not ready to spend so much. Moreover, the Pro has been rumored to be getting an A16 processor, while the standard version will make do with the current A15 chip. Apple is also rumored to be increasing the resolution of the back camera on the Pro.

The current iPhone front camera is not deficient in any way, at least for front cameras, but it is always nice to have an upgrade.

Written by HackerVibes

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