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Apple now allows customers to repair the iPhones and MacBooks

Apple has announced its new self-repair program that will allow customers to repair their devices. With this program, Apple will give access to genuine parts, repair manuals, and tools to customers who are comfortable doing repairs on their own. In his words, Apple’s chief operating officer said, “Creating greater access to Apple genuine parts gives our customers even more choice if a repair is needed.”

This comes after years of criticism by the “right to repair” community that has always criticized Apple for being the brand that makes repairing their devices a pain. Over the years, Apple has been one of those companies that deliberately makes it hard to repair their devices. 

Decisions like soldering RAM and storage on the motherboard for all the MacBook lineup were not welcomed by customers who wanted to upgrade or repair their laptops after using them for a couple of years. The recent anti-repair move that made news was disabling FaceID on the iPhone 13 lineup if a display is replaced. However, Apple came out and cleared the air by promising a future software update to fix this issue. 

Apple’s announcement on 17th November says this program will start in early 2022 with the iPhone 12 and 13 lineups. The M1 MacBooks lineup will also be added to the self-repair program later in 2022. However, this program will start with the USA and later expand to other countries through 2022. 

What the self-repair program includes?

For the start, Apple says customers will be allowed to replace the most repaired parts of their iPhones, including batteries, displays, and cameras. Apple will also avail the manuals for replacing these parts and the tools that customers can use to get this job done. As the program continues to expand, over 200 genuine parts and tools will be made available to customers to complete the most common iPhone repairs. 

Apple hasn’t given any hint on the M1 MacBook parts that will be availed with this program. However, we expect them to offer the parts that usually need replacement. These include; displays, batteries, keyboard, touchpad, and many more. Replacing components soldered on the logic board is not something we expect Apple to do anytime soon. 

Despite announcing this program, Apple still encourages customers who are not technical enough to do these repairs themselves to visit the Apple store if they have any issues with their devices. Apart from a few handy customers, most people will continue going to the Apple store for hardware repairs. However, now that genuine parts can be easily got, independent repair shops will find it easier and probably cheaper to do iPhone and Mac repairs. 

What does this mean for the entire tech industry? 

Apple is one of the major plays in the technology industry, so their decision means a lot to the entire industry. We hope to see the same trend by other tech companies in the near future. Due to the new right to repair ACT, the US government will soon implement; many electronic companies will be pressured to follow Apple’s direction. 

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