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This is why Apple is set to have a massive year in 2022

Every year brings new iPhones from Apple. However, 2022 will be a massive year for the Cupertino giant for several reasons.

As we inch closer to 2022, we are becoming more aware of Apple’s plans for the new year based on analyst reports. If they all come true, it will be a big year for the company as it will launch an entirely new product and make significant changes to existing products. Some experts have said 2022 will rival even 2007, when the iPhone was first revealed!

This article looks at why Apple is set for a massive 2022. We have saved the best for the last, so keep reading!

Redesigned iPhone

A new iPhone is a yearly occurrence, and many people complain it is often hard to distinguish one model year from the previous one. However, according to people with insider contact, the iPhone 14 of 2022 is going to stand out. It is likely going to be the year Apple says goodbye to the notch!

The notch on the front screen is where Apple hides the front camera and other sensors. However, the feature has annoyed many, despite that Apple made the design famous. Making matters worse is that Apple has only made slight changes to the notch by reducing the width and did not even use the extra screen space.

However, the iPhone 14 is expected to have a hole cut-out for the camera, making it look like other flagships from its rivals like Samsung.

New Macs

The year 2022 is when Apple will introduce new Mac computers that will use new chips. The chips are upgraded from the M-series designed by the same team making the semiconductors that have powered the iPhone and iPad.

In the past, Apple used chips from Intel, but its M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max efforts have performed well, with significant performance differences.

The AirPods Pro loses its stem

Another Apple product that will wear a completely different look in 2022 is the AirPods Pro earbuds. According to reports by Bloomberg, Apple is already testing the earbuds without the glossy stems. This will be the first significant change to the product since Apple revealed it.

The change will make the AirPods Pro look like the Beats Studio Buds and other competing wireless earbuds.

Removing the stems means users will have to learn a new way of controlling the earbuds by touch because the sensor will have to be housed in the earbud itself. It also requires a redesign of the case.

Bloomberg also reports that the AirPods Pro could get a motion sensor to enable fitness tracking.

The iGlass

Apple is stepping into the AR/VR world with the iGlass, which is one of its most daring projects in recent times. The company is going against more established products like the HoloLens from Microsoft and Meta’s Quest.

The iGlass (the name is yet to be confirmed) is rumored to combine both AR and VR. It will have ultra-fast wireless networking. According to sources familiar with what Apple is doing, the headset will have an 8k display for each eye and will work without being connected to a computer or smartphone.

While there is no clear info on whether Apple will sell the iGlass as an accessory like the Apple Watch, industry watchers believe Apple’s unique and extensive ecosystem will distinguish the new product. They point out the large number of quality apps in the App Store and music streaming business. Even if a new category of apps is needed, Apple won’t have trouble convincing developers to make such apps.

However, it is likely Apple will make the iGlass ride on the popularity of the iPhone.

If this new product comes in 2022 as rumored, Apple may have found its next big thing.

Written by HackerVibes

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