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Apple releases MagSafe Battery Pack firmware update that increases the charging speed by 50 percent

If you own an Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, a new firmware update will make it charge your iPhone faster.

Updates are like goodies, especially when they unlock nice hardware features. Apple just released a firmware update for its MagSafe Battery Pack, which will increase the charging speed. It means you can now charge your iPhone wirelessly at 7.5 watts, 50 percent faster than before!

You can get the firmware update over the air if you can wait. The update begins automatically when you attach the pack to your iPhone. This could take up to a week. However, if you would rather have it right away, you can connect the pack to a Mac or iPad through a Lightning to USB cable. Simply connect the Mac or iPad to the internet, and you will get the speed unlocking update in no time. According to Apple, “To update the firmware using a Mac or iPad, plug one end of a Lightning to USB cable into the Lightning connector on your battery pack, and the other end into your Mac or iPad. The firmware update will take about 5 minutes.”

Apple released the MagSafe Battery Pack last July. However, users have complained of its slow charging speed, making it one of the least liked Apple accessories. It is compatible with the iPhone 12 and 13 lines.

However, Apple says the battery pack can charge your iPhone when the pack is connected to a 20 W or higher power source, although why one would prefer that kind of convoluted charging setup is in doubt. But as pointed out by Apple, it may be helpful when you need to charge the two devices. Interestingly, the iPhone can also charge the MagSafe Battery by attaching the two and plugging the iPhone into a power source. This is useful when you need the iPhone to another device while charging, like when connected through a cable to CarPlay or transferring photos to a Mac.

The power pack has found more users among iPhone 12 Mini users due to the phone’s short battery life. It can add a 70 percent charge to the smaller iPhone, while Pro Max models will only get a 40 percent charge. iPhone Pro models will get 60 percent. While it is always faster to use the 20 W charger, the MagSafe Battery Pack is nice to have on the go or during emergencies.

The MagSafe Battery Pack attaches to the back of the iPhone magnetically. You separate the two by gently pulling them apart.

Some users have complained about the MagSafe Battery Pack getting uncomfortably warm during usage, even without a case. As such, the faster speed may make things hotter, except Apple has found a way to fix the heating issue. In any case, the slower 5 watts charging rate was reportedly meant to minimize the heat to make the battery last longer.

To know the current firmware version of your pack, go to Settings on your iPhone. Then select General, About, and MagSafe Battery Pack in that other.

Written by HackerVibes

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