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iPhone 14 rumors, release date, specs, news, price and all of the leaks

Apple might have just released a new iPhone, but that does not mean we do not hear about the next version.

New iPhone models are now a yearly tradition, and you can set your calendar by it. This year, the Cupertino-based electronics giant released the iPhone 13, which you can now order in four different flavors. The next iteration, the iPhone 14, will come next year, and in this article, we bring you all the rumors about the next flagship.

How many versions will Apple release?

Apple could eliminate the Mini from its lineup next year, with bigger phones getting all the love. Nikkei Asian Review and noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have predicted Apple might retire the smaller iPhone.

That does not mean Apple will release less than four iPhones next year, as the company might differential with two high-end and two low-ends. This will mean a change in how Apple names its phones as we could end up with a standard version, Pro, Max, and Pro Max. The Pro refers to specs level, while the Max refers to screen size.

How big are the screens?

With the smaller Mini no longer in the picture, Apple phone sizes will start from 6.1 inches with the iPhone 14 and grow to 6.7 inches with the iPhone Max. There have been reports that the Mini sales have been disappointing as buyers now prefer the jumbo-sized version, which is Apple’s motivation for stopping its production.

How much will Apple charge for the iPhone 14?

There is no news from Apple on prices yet, but it will not stop us from making speculations for the benefits of those who may need to start planning from now. Apple didn’t implement many changes in the process for this year’s release, but analyst Kuo has said the iPhone Pro Max could sell for under $900. That will be significantly lower than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which started from $1,099.

What day will Apple release the iPhone 14 next year?

While it is true that iPhone 14 is coming next year, the exact date is not known yet. Apple will most likely have an event in September, as it has been its tradition, and make the new phone available for order a few days later.

Apple might decide to make the different iPhone 14 models available on different days, meaning more than one release date.

What about the cameras on the iPhone 14?

Apple phone cameras are pretty good. But the company has never stopped improving them with each new model. However, for the iPhone 14, Apple might eliminate the camera bump at the back and use a hole-punch on the front instead of the now-familiar notch.

This will be a notable change to the front of the iPhone, which popularized a notch on the front to house the selfie camera. The iPhone 13 was allegedly going to get it, but that did not happen.

On the back, Apple could upgrade the wide-angle camera to 48 megapixels. The telephoto lens will likely see improvements too.

There are also rumors that Apple could include lidar across all the iPhone models next year, bringing some feature parity between the Pro and non-Pro.

Will the iPhone 14 get an under-display Touch ID?

As much as fans want the under-display, this feature might have to wait till 2023, going by analyst Kuo.

Notch or no notch?

The iPhone notch has many fans, foes, and in-betweeners. However, as stated under the camera section, we might be saying goodbye to the feature in iPhone 14. Several leaders have claimed to see the notch-less renders of the next flagship iPhone. This report has been corroborated by Kuo and Bloomberg, which referred to it as a complete redesign.

Other features

The iPhone 14 is rumored to have an A16 chip, which will be a step up from the A15 in the iPhone 13, but this has been a yearly tradition, making it a safe bet.

The next iPhone will definitely have 5G, and a report says Apple is going all-in with 5G in 2022.

As for colors, there is no info yet.

Kuo predicted satellite connectivity for sending SMS through satellites, but that didn’t happen. Perhaps, we will see it in the iPhone 14.

Keep up with us as we will bring you the latest rumors about the iPhone 14 in the build-up to its release next year.


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