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Apple announces new iPhone SE with 5G and green iPhone 13

After months of rumor and speculations, Apple has finally released the new iPhone SE, a cheaper way to enter Apple’s ecosystem.

During its latest event tagged Peek Performance, Apple unveiled the iPhone SE to the surprise of only those who had not been following tech news. The iPhone SE retains what makes it different the most; the 4.7 inches screen that makes it a dwarf compared to its larger siblings. You still get the huge lips reminiscent of smartphones of more than five years ago.

However, something that has ‘grown’ about the iPhone SE is the price. It now starts at $429 for the base 64 GB model, up from $399. But of course, you get 5G capability, which probably makes up for the price hike.

The new iPhone SE has a 12 MP camera on the back, but the low hardware is complemented by software camera improvements made possible by the upgraded processor. The software enhancements include Deep Fusion and HDR 4, present on the iPhone 13 lineup. They give your pictures better high-contrast and noise reduction.

Apple has also improved battery life on the iPhone SE, but you can thank the A15 chip for it. However, the battery itself is larger, and the combination of the two will help reduce the biggest complaints about the cheaper iPhone. The company says you can expect up to 15 hours of video playback, up to ten hours of video streaming, and up to 50 hours of audio playback. These represent 2 hours, 2 hours, and ten hours improvements, respectively.

However, Apple has not shared the battery specifications (the company usually doesn’t do this) but claimed the larger battery in a group briefing for reporters. But of course, we will confirm that when the iPhone SE is available for a teardown. Recall that the batteries in the iPhone 13 lineup were also bumped up in capacity.

Meanwhile, the iPhone SE still has the IP67 level of water resistance, meaning a brief splash or dunk in water won’t damage your phone.

On the front, the iconic Touch ID is still there at the bottom. Also, Apple boasts the glass panel on the front and back is the toughest ever used on a smartphone. You can charge wirelessly too.

You can get your preorders in starting from March 11th, and shipping begins exactly a week later.

Meanwhile, Apple also announced a new color for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro at the Peek Performance event. You can now get the phones in a green finish, although there is a subtle difference. The standard iPhone 13 gets green, while the iPhone 13 Pro gets alpine green.

This isn’t the first time Apple offered green iPhones, as the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 12 had the option. But the iPhone 13 didn’t have it at launch. So if you want to show your support for the environment or you simply like the color green, Apple is indulging you right now.

You can preorder your green iPhone 13 from March 11th, and Apple will start shipping them on the 18th.

Written by HackerVibes

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