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Android 12 – Does it deliver on the promised software leap for android devices?

The long-waited Android 12 is finally here in its final form after Google tweaking and experimenting with the software release for about 6 months in terms of releasing betas and all, we finally have a finished Android 12. It is nothing like the previous Android releases where most of the recent ones only packed a few generic changes in terms of customizing the display and notification area. 

Android 12 promises to offer a truly next-gen experience in terms of UI and UX 

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Android 12 is user-focused and brings a lot to the table. It features the most stunning visual up-gradation, plethora of new features, and simplifying the use-case for the software by making everything available to the user in simple and approachable settings format. 

The only downside to this whole deal is that Android 12 is currently only available for the Pixel smartphone lineup manufactured by Google and it was primarily shipped with the newer ones that are Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Sadly this also means that it won’t be coming to your own smartphone if it is not from the Pixel lineup. There is a lot to talk about and a lot to take in for you as the intended audience of the release, so without further ado let’s get right into it;

Interface and design

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Before Android 5 came along there were only little to no changes done in the previous Android versions, Android 5 was the biggest positive change in terms of user interface and design. Android 12 features a brand new design philosophy that is ‘Material You’. 

This means that every aspect of your smartphones such as the wallpaper, background, lock screen, settings, and notification shade will customize the theming experience of the user. It means that the colors, looks/UI, and feel of all these things will be enhanced by the Android 12, it is a try to ensure that no two phones look similar and Android 12 does a pretty good job at this.

This doesn’t mean that the apps will get customized according to this scheme too, the app developers such as Twitter, Microsoft, or Facebook might not abide by this because they want to keep their apps unified to their own design and color standards. Volume buttons, quick edits, and even sliders are all different in Android 12, it is all about roundness as edges are round and oval. This is something that most might not like as they are looking to customize even that thing too.  

Prime focus on Privacy


Privacy has become a very concerning element in the mobile industry as awareness is reaching more and more users, they are now asking the software providers to do something about it. Android was not that grand on taking the privacy of the users into account as apps used to collect all sorts of data from the user without their consent but that changes now with Android 12. Now you get access to the Android 12 Privacy Dashboard that is powered by a Private Compute Core. 

This PCC system is a game-changer as Google has developed a smart engine that will only collect the data up to the volume that is needed to train the AI functions for the user. The information that gets shared in the PCC system doesn’t leave your phone and is never broadcasted on the internet or through to any other third-party systems. 

You can tap into the privacy dashboard to know which apps are driving what user data from your device and in what capacity it is being used. That also means you can change permissions for the individual apps thus restricting or expanding access to your personal data, this is something that was never brought to attention before. 

There is another important thing to mention here which is you can now turn off or grant access to your camera and microphone simultaneously to all apps. Simply click the toggle on or off and it will be applied to all the apps installed in your phone whereas before you had to do it manually for dedicated apps. These types of privacy updates are going to get more frequent as more features get introduced in the Android 12 in the upcoming future. 

Notifications are not only smarter but better

Android 12 New ” People Widget” notification panel (Image : XDA Developers)

Notifications are getting a massive boost in the Android 12 update, some of the core aspects remain the same as the previous Android systems but intelligent grouping in Android 12 and easily actionable items have truly revolutionized the notification panel for the users. The most iconic change that you can witness with Android 12 is that when you unlock the phone your notifications are not going to disappear on you. It is the single most annoying thing that Apple users have to go through. 

Another amazing improvement is that when opening apps there is this notification trampoline that comes out in form of the app’s logo which is to stall until the app loads properly and is available to the user. With Android 12 that stall is effectively removed which means that when you open the app you would only see the contents of the app and not the loading screen which freezes the system too and thus is being cut off in Android 12. 

You might only see the impressive shade design and Android animations but know that there is a lot going on under the hood to provide you with a cleaner experience, this is what makes the notification side of things more responsive and alert than ever. 

New exciting features introduced by Android 12

Universal Search

Image Credit : XDA Developers

The universal search is not necessarily a new feature as it has been around for some time now but was not brought into effective use and was masked in the previous Android versions. But it is now once again being made available to the Android 12 users and is quite handy when it comes to searching for apps, docs, or literally anything that is tucked away in your phone. 

The accessibility and research-oriented aspect of it makes it an extremely sought-after feature among Android users and tapped with the efficient software build of Android 12 it is more seamless than ever. It can only be accessed when you swipe up to open your app drawer and when you hit the search bar, the keyboard will come up organically allowing you to search for whatever it is you are looking for.

Scrolling screenshots

Image Credit – Google

This is a feature that most of the phone manufacturers out there have already added to their smartphones but Android is only shipping this now. It allows you to take a long screenshot by scrolling it on your phone which allows you to save a considerable portion of the webpage that you can read or access after. 

The scrolling screenshot made available by phone companies was not that effective but what Android 12 brings forward is a completely finished form without any errors or concerns. It will definitely be well-received among web and blog readers who want to clip some information off the internet for later use allowing them to customize their screenshots. 

One-handed mode

Credit: Hacker Vibes

This is yet another concept that has been received very well among the Android community especially those that have those big large smartphones. You can enable this under system, gesture, and selecting the one-handed mode while toggling it on. 

What it does is that it shifts the content of your display from above and below and etches them onto the center of the device where you can reach easily with your thumb for the sake of operating your smartphone in a more convenient way. And when you want things to go back to normal, simply switch off the one-handed mode and you would get your normal-long display back. 

Enhanced gaming experience

Play as you download on Android 12 with Touchgrind BMX ( Image Credit : Google)

With the advancements in cloud technology, certain features that couldn’t be rolled out to the users earlier and were only a figment of the developer’s imagination are now being rolled out in Android 12. The gaming experience is truly being revolutionized as users can directly play the game from the play store even before it has finished downloading. 

It gives them an idea of what the gameplay for a dedicated game would be, what they can expect, or if it is truly worth their while. This smartness was not so available back then but Android 12 is becoming a pioneer for a plethora of such features which truly nails it as a next-gen experience for the end-users. 


Google has really gone all-in with this Android 12 update to really provide the people with the aesthetics and feel of a true next-gen Android experience. It works great on multiple areas of Android UI and UX, patches a few broken things in the previous major releases, brings a very neat outlook of the device in terms of customizing themes, colors, backgrounds, and whatnot, and truly revolutionizing the privacy-related aspects for the user too. 

The only downside to this update is that most of the features are device exclusive which means that if you are a Pixel user only then you could utilize them and if not then not so much. Hopefully, Google will be able to patch this up in the upcoming updates making Android 12 an enjoyable experience for all Android users out there.    

Written by HackerVibes

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