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Amazon’s AWS suffers third outage within a month

It has not been the best December for Amazon as its popular cloud service, the Amazon Web Service, has suffered the third outage in the month. As usual, this problem has affected a swathe of the internet.

Amazon has suffered a power outage which has caused some disruptions in its cloud services. Because it powers a significant portion of the internet, other companies have suffered as a result. Services like Slack, Imgur, and the popular Epic Games store have felt the power failure effect.

According to Amazon’s AWS health dashboard, the problem arose from one of its data centers and affected a single Availability Zone, the USE1-AZ4 located in the US-EAST-1 Region.

Power has been restored to the data center, but some applications could still be experiencing problems, like this author who still has issues signing into his Slack account to keep up with work. The issues should disappear as AWS restarts the affected servers, and the internet will return to its usual self. Nevertheless, Amazon has marked the case as solved 12 hours after it began.

Slack shared an update to its users on the issue, explaining why users could be experiencing problems with file uploads, message editing, and other services. Another company that addressed the service degradation is Asana, whose users couldn’t even access the service. For Epic Games, users could not log in, access their library, and make purchases.

This is the third time Amazon has faced serious issues that affect many companies. Earlier this month, an outage affected giant streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus and even smart home services like Ring and Wyze. However, the latest incident has not been as widespread. Even many of those affected maintained some form of service throughout the issue.

Here is Amazon’s final update on the latest incident:

“Starting at 4:11 AM PST, some EC2 instances and EBS volumes experienced a loss of power in a single data center within a single Availability Zone (USE1-AZ4) in the US-EAST-1 Region. Instances in other data centers within the affected Availability Zone, and other Availability Zones within the US-EAST-1 Region were not affected by this event.

“At 4:55 AM PDT, power was restored to EC2 instances and EBS volumes in the affected data center, which allowed the majority of EC2 instances and EBS volumes to recover. However, due to the nature of the power event, some of the underlying hardware experienced failures, which needed to be resolved by engineers within the facility.

“Engineers worked to recover the remaining EC2 instances and EBS volumes affected by the issue. By 2:30 PM PST, we recovered the vast majority of EC2 instances and EBS volumes. However, some of the affected EC2 instances and EBS volumes were running on hardware that has been affected by the loss of power and is not recoverable.

“For customers still waiting for recovery of a specific EC2 instance or EBS volume, we recommend that you relaunch the instance or recreate the volume from a snapshot for full recovery. If you need further assistance, please contact AWS Support.”

Amazon has the most significant share of the cloud market, making it a crucial component of the world wide web fabric.

Written by HackerVibes

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